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The last race of the season is coming up and we here at GlamRacing have had a few thoughts on the team as a whole and the upcoming race. So for once, I’m going to hand you over to the drivers to tell you guys in their own words how they feel.

Henrik Hoier:

Man, has this been a journey this first full active year for GlamRacing. It has been filled with ups and downs. Success and disappointments, but as the year has progressed, so have the team as well as the results.

It’s a nice team, which I personally enjoy being a part of, not only on the track but off the track as well. We work very well together. But we have even more fun when the work is done.

Now we are coming back to the 24H of Le Mans where we hopefully can complete the job, we didn’t do last year: WIN THE RACE! We were leading the race last year on till the 9th hour when the engine blew. This year we come back as a stronger and more experienced team.

Jef Vannijlen:

I am in it for the thrill of going two-wide into a corner with a competitor, clean and on the limit, without contact. Going as fast as you can, without completely losing control. Too much power is almost enough! Driving against people that feel the same, have respect, and are looking for that rush of adrenaline that almost no other game can give you. Being part of a team, with people that think alike and working towards the same goal, while having fun at the same time.

Calum Wilson:

Driving for GlamRacing over the last year has been a crazy experience but a fun one. There’s been plenty of downs (usually all hardware-related!) but lots of ups and I feel as a team we are really starting to gel together now, and the results are coming with it! Whilst I think we are all a little tired of the Aston Martin Vantage GT3, we’ve learned to love it in its own special way.

Moving into Le Mans, we want to try and improve on last year’s result where we were class leaders around halfway through the race until the engine blew. It’ll definitely be a fun event for everyone and hopefully, we can have a smoother ride and improve on what we learned last year.

For me personally, I’m hoping to continue our podium streak (back to back in the last 2 races!) but also just have a fun time with the team. Maria and Henrik do a great job of keeping us other drivers calm and relaxed, even in the hardest moments! So, it would be nice to pay them back with some good performances.

Jakub Kowalski:

It is just amazing to drive with a team you can rely on, who you share the experience with, and where you can joke as well. When it comes to competition it is amazing to race multiclass endurance events on rFactor2, to be in a team, where we are doing exactly this and trying to get better and help each other out, practising together and finding the best strategy makes my life more complete. Teamwork is all about and so I am happy to race with GlamRacing where you find people you can trust and work together with.

For the upcoming race we here at GlamRacing are welcoming Karsten Da Silva Sørensen as part of the pit crew, being a  well-known man within the GTR24H community, where he has driven the race a couple of times over the years and is a long-time friend of many on the team.

The whole GlamRacing team is looking forward to the final race at Le Mans and is ready to be fighting for the top step on the podium.

Please do also remember that GlamRacing is fundraising money for the newly opened Child hospice “Strandbakkehuset” in Denmark.

Link to the charity –

Many thanks from the whole GlamRacing team – We’ll see you on the track.

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