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Luke “Actrollvision” Crane has been a powerhouse in the sim racing commentary world for several years and is a testament to how hard work and determination pay off to get to where you want to be. He not only built from scratch a thriving online community in the form of Actrollvision Community Racing, but Luke has worked for some major names, such as McLaren and Logitech, as well as a family man with his wife and three children. Now Luke is building a reputation as the voice of the DTM Trophy. We had a chat with Luke before about the rise of ACR (the article can be found here), and he gave us some more of his precious time to chat about his DTM experiences.

We spoke before about how your journey began, how did this lead to real wold commentary opportunities?

It was due to Covid, I was working with RaceRoom on their DTM Race From Home Challenge, where past and present DTM drivers took part in sim racing. This series was also used as a platform to announce the DTM Trophy, a series designed as a feeder series to the main DTM category, and through the work, I was doing for the sim racing side, I was offered the job for DTM Trophy.

How has your work for DTM Trophy changed your plans for commentary?

My focus has completely shifted to real-world opportunities. Running an online racing community, whilst hugely rewarding, doesn’t pay the bills. I don’t charge people to race in ACR, and with a family to support, I have to maximise my income. I would love to get more commentary opportunities in DTM, and doing work for them, this had made me look to broaden my horizons, outside of my own racing community. I work with VCO for their Esports Racing League, and whilst I won’t stop running ACR, it’s not my main focus these days. When you’re freelancing, you have to take as many opportunities as possible, as you never know how long your shelf life is. This industry has many talented people in it, which makes this business very cut-throat.


Time and again, Luke has proven himself one of the most dedicated, hard-working and versatile commentators out there. Luke truly is an inspirational character, and long may his career continue.

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