The world of the commentator, virtual or real. Lewis McGlade

Another commentator who was kind enough to share some words about his experiences on both sides of the commentary fence is Lewis McGlade, a very well-established and respected commentator in the rFactor world, and has seen action recently in the GB3 and newly started GB4 championship.

How did your commentary journey begin?

As is with most things I feel, my commentary journey started with a simple message. Back at the end of 2012 after watching my first F1 Season and learning about sim racing, I sent an email to FSR to see if they wanted commentators. I then did their Winter Series and some of their lower categories. Midway through 2013, I started racing myself and then really focused on that with odd bits of commentary.

Then in 2018, I realised I probably wasn’t good enough to do anything great as a driver so I started doing more and more commentary work, trying to add at least 1 new BIG thing each year which I have been lucky enough to do.

How did you make the transition from sim racing commentary to the real-life commentary box?

So GB3 and GB4 is my first even remote touch of the real motorsport world and it goes back to Le Mans Virtual. After doing the Le Mans Virtual Series which wrapped up in January, a couple of people I worked with on it (Tom Howe and Steve Matthews) work on the production of GB3/4, and when they were looking for a commentator, they got pushed in my direction by Darren Kirk and it was all in 1 pretty crazy phone call asking if I was able to do it. It’s a hard transition, one that was more difficult than I expected but after some great advice I got from a few people, I’ve been able to at the very least, calm down a bit and settle!

You are one of the best and most well-known rFactor commentators out there, what’s the plan moving forward?

Obviously the full season of GB3 and GB4, as well as a couple of real-world commentary gigs I can speak of a little more in the near future. Sim Racing wise I am absolutely PUMPED about Formula Pro and the return of the rFactor 2 Official series, which are always entertaining. I’m grateful I get to cover both Formula Pro and Formula Challenge. I also plan on doing the odd broadcast here and there for SRO eSports, various things on iRacing, and various things on RaceRoom. I love being able to see everything on as many platforms as possible. Then you have something like VCO, ERL, and the ERWC being multi-platform competitions, which I am always loving jumping on!

We wish you the best of luck on your career path Lewis, in whatever direction it takes you.

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