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It’s not uncommon to see teams announcing new driver signings regularly, as established talent look to maximise their potential with the best teams available, and the rising stars are looking for the best chances to improve themselves. Equally, the team has to be right for the driver in question, as not every driver works well within the structure of every team out there, so therefore it’s not unusual to see drivers leave a team where the results look positive on the outside. Most drivers will stay with a team for a considerable period, several years in some cases, where the driver and team mesh well, and some drivers will hop from team to team after very short periods between each hop.

What is much less common is a team that publicly removes a driver from their roster before the driver is ready to depart on their own terms. There will be several driver departures that are announced as mutual agreements in order to prevent the darker facts from coming to light, however this week, Team Shazoo announced that the Xbox F1 driver Noctis will no longer be on their team due to on-track behaviour:

A driver won’t remain on the roster just for being quick, we have brand values that must be upheld and we will always stick to those values.

On-track behaviour has been the cause of our most recent departure on Xbox and we thank @SHZ_Noctis for his time in the team.

Interesting to note that Shazoo still thanked Noctis for his participation in the team, despite the reason for his departure. Some might think this is heavy-handed, or the old phrase “it’s just a game” may spring up in some people’s minds, but that mentality doesn’t fit in the modern-day esports world. Team Shazoo, along with every other esports team, isn’t just a gathering of players having a bit of fun racing under the same team name, Team Shazoo are a business, a brand that lives and dies on the reputation and corporate image that is associated with the name. We reported recently about the FuturEsports team and how things had gone dramatically wrong so suddenly for them (here is the link to that article), and also on the importance of sponsorship deals for an esports team with Burst Esports partnering with Become (here is the link to that article). When a member of a team, whether its driver, management, or any other position within an organisation, doesn’t uphold the values of that team, the outcome can be disastrous for all concerned, so this puts into perspective why teams like Team Shazoo will work hard to protect the reputation of the brand name, something which has taken countless hours over many months to build up.



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