The History and Origins of Gaard Racing

We are Gaard Racing! Our everyday life is quite normal. Regular day job and school. But when the right event presents itself, we are always ready for it. Gaard Racing is born with support from ID Simsport.


Our history started at 2019 EEWC Le Mans. At that time we ran under the name Nygaard Racing. Back then we were 3 drivers. We completed our goal and finished the race. Our car drove well and we held it together. Everything went how we expected, and we were happy about our great achievement.  Our ambition has not changed at all. We still have the same goal in mind, which is to finish the race and keep the car in one piece. Everything else we take that as a bonus.

Why Gaard Racing now?

It’s really quite simple. The surnames matched and are the same, so we decided to name the team after that. But then why are we called Gaard Racing now? First, we choose the name because me and my friend competed in a 12-hour race, and we decided to name it Gaard Racing. Then one evening my dad saw the GTR24H website, and I asked him if he was keen on driving. I texted my friend, and then Gaard Racing was officially born. But the name Gaard Racing is only in use when it is a special event.

Who are we?

Driver 1: Our first driver is Andreas. Andreas normally drives for ID Simsport in their LMP2 car and competes in the EEWC Season with them. And the guys at ID are really supporting us when doing these events. They are happy to help us with skins and much more.

Driver 2: Our second driver is Sten. Sten is also driving for ID Simsport. He joins the Le Mans event and will drive one of the GT3 cars for ID Simsport. He has been doing sim racing for a long time and has a lot of experience in endurance racing.

Driver 3: Our third driver is Kasper. Kasper is the newest driver in our trio line up. He’s not driving for any other teams yet. But he hopes for a seat at ID Simsport for next year. He is a quick learner, and if he loses the car or gets in trouble on the track, he has a cool and calm head and gets back into the race quickly.

Where will Gaard Racing be in the future?

Gaard Racing will always be our second priority and compete in special events only. We will continue to mainly support ID Simsport. Each of us by what we can. But when the opportunity arrives to get Gaard Racing back on track and drive with the guys we use that opportunity. We love to make this project work at these one-time special events and getting a break and get back on track with the guys at ID Simsport.

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