The GTR24H Sprint Series Championship Is Tied

Ewan O’Leary spoke with a happy but very focused Tiziano Brioni after the Kyalami race.

Transcript of the video:

Ewan O’Leary: [00:00:08] We were having this very same conversation with that Tiziano Brioni last week and and yeah he was able to take the victory then taking the third… sorry taking it… wait… second place. Okay, my cards are mixed up it completely apologies for that because Euronics to the victory today. It was Laguna Seca and Suzuka where Musto took their victories but a third place for Tiziano Brioni as I finally get my bearings right here, for you guys. So just talk us through what happened in the first hour. Tiziano. Obviously you weren’t driving but Amato seemed to be struggling just a little bit not really quite as quick in the wet as you were in the dry. What would you say is your explanation for that? We going with a dry setup or or was Amato not comfortable in the car. What was really going on in the first hour?

Tiziano Brioni: [00:01:01] Basically we didn’t do one lap into the wet on this track and for Pierluca it was the first lap in the wet off full time. He never did laps in the wet before the race. So I think that he really good job considering that tire. I gave to him some tips real-time, because they was a little bit out of his environment. So I think that did a really good solid work apart from all. And I am so so happy for it work. Maybe we’d want to spin we pulled able to arrive second position. But I think that the position with our rivals with a zero. I think that is really good… A really good amount of points to go into the Ring.

Ewan O’Leary: [00:02:14] Yeah, it’s, of course, that coming up in two weeks time. How was it going through the field because obviously, Amato lost a few positions in the first hour. But you had to do a lot of the work coming back through the field and it wasn’t without its trials and tribulations. So how was the battling on this new Kyalami circuit, which I’ve never seen a race before in a Sim? So how was it for you trying to battle with all the cars?

Tiziano Brioni: [00:02:39] Well, batteling was so good. I did really good overtakes. Especially the last with Richar. And the first one with more I think was good too with a really late break on the on the hairpin of the second sector and batteling so good. So much lines to overtake not so hard to follow the car in front. I think that with the full slick race with more rubber and more better times because we’re a little bit, we suffered a little bit of grain. So with better times, I think that this track is really good for battling.

Ewan O’Leary: [00:03:40] It certainly seems so and because it was in the second half we saw most of it, which is very good indeed. Now, you talked about the points a little bit earlier on. You now tie it Burst Esport obviously still second because of the count back and whatever but that doesn’t really matter at this stage you are level on points with Burst Esport. So how do you feel about that going into the final four races? And can you take the challenge it from here?

Tiziano Brioni: [00:04:03] Yeah, no, we are with the same points. I think because they did a zero for now is to arrive basically the last race with a mindset that is think race for race and without calculations because I think that we are five race left. So this is the final rush. So we have to work hard and we try to take the win of the championship considering that there is a good price pool and we try to do all we can for arriving in first position at the end.

Ewan O’Leary: [00:05:01] Yeah cost 1,500 Euros on the line for the chum Egypt and yeah, just one final question as I like to ask to everybody. How are you feeling about the Nurburgring GP race in two weeks time. Do you like the circuit? Are you feeling good about it, or are you dreading it a little bit?

Tiziano Brioni: [00:05:20] Yeah, I think that is a good truck for us because I raced two times into this game in that track, so is more confident than Kyalami. Because I told that this truck was new for me and doesn’t fit to my driving style. So, I think that third position so good when doing the Ring I’m so confident. The only point that is a little bit dangerous the last chicane. Where are you have to be so. I don’t remember the words so. I don’t remember but you have to be a little bit more nowhere clever to avoid too much bump and maybe result in a spin. So I think that Would be a good race for us.

Ewan O’Leary: [00:06:29] Well, we look forward to seeing it. See you in two weeks Tiziano Brioni. And Well done on p number three here in the Kyalami race.

Tiziano Brioni: [00:06:38] Bye bye guys.

Ewan O’Leary: [00:06:40] That was Tiziano Brioni of the Musto team. Of course. Now tying the championship as we have mentioned.

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