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The F1 league racing scene isn’t immune to a scandal here and there, and this week, the subject of two scandals last year was involved in two separate signings that had the community in an uproar. FuturEsports, a Hungarian organisation, has seen a lot of action of late, and are about to launch its seventh FuturEsports Cup in August, a prize paying tournament that has grown considerably in the squad’s lifetime. So who did they sign that upset the fanbase? James Doherty, known as TRL Limitless, was once a signed F1 esports coach with Renault Vitality and is still a content creator and F1 coach, however, the scandal he was involved in was surrounding inappropriate behaviour with a 14-year-old girl. The backlash from this signing has been significant for FES, as teams that would have taken part in the upcoming FuturEsports Cup have withdrawn, and cut ties with the organisation entirely. FES had previously merged with Future Racing Team, and because of this controversy, FRT has decided to reinstate their name, in order to distance itself from this. A massive blow for FES, and this will take some time to recover from.

The second controversial character to appear in the scene this week was a signing for Consistent Racing Esports as a manager. Again, the furious backlash began when CRE announced Harry Webster, better known as Risqie or Cryptic, was an upcoming driving talent, working his way through PSGLs ranks, until one fateful race at Monaco where his hours of practice had rewarded him with pole position on the grid, but an internet disconnect denied him a strong result. Sadly, he resorted to cheating to “make up for lost time”, for which he was caught and called out for cheating. Harry has made a return to racing earlier this year, competing in rFactors GPVWC, trying to seek a second chance at being a sim racer, however, the ghosts of the past are very difficult to shake. The backlash from the signing was such that the returning founder of CRE Chrinsoe reversed the decision, and Harry was removed from the roster within 24 hours of his announcement.

Reputation is very important to maintain, very hard to build and very easy to destroy. An impulsive reaction to a situation can follow you for a long time. Time will tell if James and Harry can ever return to being accepted by the community again, but at the moment, that answer very much remains No.

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