The Battle Lasted More Than 23 Hours and Andi Kurtsen Was Under Pressure

GTR24H now has a well-renowned reputation for close and long-lasting battles, but rarely have we seen battles as long and hard-fought as the GT3 battle at the EEWC 24-Hours of Matsusaka. Team Rookie Monsters gave DIS SR Lab a fight to the finish line with all ingredients included. Rubbing, pit strategies, fuel economy, technical issues, disconnects, all mixed into a 24-hour chilli-strength soup of high tension racing action.

Andi Kurtsen visited the commentary booth right after the race for a talk with Yousuf bin-Suhayl.

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Yousuf bin-Suhayl
Yousuf has been working as an Esports caster since 2018 and specialises in League of Legends and motor sport. He runs the socials on Twitter & Facebook and claims that he is "a pretty good karter"
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