Team Rookie Monsters return to the EEWC for Le Mans

Team Rookie Monsters have returned to the Endurance eRacing World Championship for the first time since 2020 for the finale at Le Mans. Previously, they have used the LMP2 car to clinch a championship last season, but they have moved up to DPI on this occasion. Not only have they moved up, but it’s a two car effort this time, and they will be very serious about winning the final race.

Firstly, the #555 car has Taylor Lane, Loic Meunier, Janson Bintz and Simon Marshall. Lane says he’s returning to rFactor2 after some time away and so will be hoping that he can adjust to the sim quickly once again.

Simon Marshall won’t need to adjust to the GTR24H setup at all this weekend.He is not only founder and member of the Rookie Monsters team, but a competitor in the first season of the GTR24H Sprint Series.

Alongside them, Loic Meunier also has some experience with other simulators. He has been a French Cup finalist on other sims, in addition to being a Division 1 driver in the Virtual Endurance Championship last season. Finally, the least experienced member of the team is Janson Bintz.

The Luxembourg driver is only 16 years old and has only been sim racing for just over a year. This may well be a big learning curve for him, but at the same time, it’s a big opportunity to gain experience at least, and maybe some success too.

There are also some familiar faces in the #666 DPI. Driving for them will be Chris Gitsov, Marc Veit, Martin Novac, Dylan Tarboton and Bradley Sellars. Veit and Sellars are both returning to the EEWC, the former returning from earlier this season. The German competed for Satellite Racing in the Hypercar category at Indianapolis, while Sellars was part of the championship-winning team from 2020 for Rookie Monsters.

Chris Gitsov will be joining them with his four years of simracing experience, which has included championship victories, and this will count for a lot at Le Mans. Martin Novac from Hungary will also be racing as one of very few openly gay simracers, alongside Dylan Tarboton. Tarboton says that connection issues may strike for him, which could set them back slightly in the race.

With two cars and nine drivers, Rookie Monsters will be ones to watch during the EEWC finale at Le Mans. You can watch it all with GTR24H until the thrilling conclusion of the Le Mans race on October 31st.

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Ewan O'Leary
Key-commentator on the GTR24H Sprint Series.
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