Team Renegade begins its adventure in the Sprint Series by GTR24H

Great enthusiasm in the pits of Team Renegade Simracing Workgroup! On Thursday the team begins its adventures in the Sprint Series championship by GTR24H.

“We are undoubtedly excited; just a year ago Renegade formed a sim racing working group in which pilots of both Italian and foreign origin participate. In the group, we share know-how and spare time on the track with all drivers as well as the desire to share knowledge and study and deepen everything related to sim racing and simulators. In the beginning, there were only Italian drivers, but today we have an international team engaged on many fronts, as well as on all the most important simulator software platforms.”

With the words of the team manager Peppe Galofero, in our headphones preparations are underway at Renegade: The team will start with three cars driven in tandem by Alessio and Simone Vacirca, Luca Prinzi, Alex Ceolato, Andrea Corti, Francesco Ceredi. All committed to refining the setups for the first race in Monza.

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