Fans Vote For GT3 Le Mans Favourite

We are booting up the new “EEWC Fans” Facebook group. And one of our initial activities is asking the fans for their favourites for Le Mans. You can join the other 600+ fans in the group here The vote is almost dead even between #585 Asetek SimSport by Volante Racing and #404 GlamRacing. And […]

Management structure of the modern sim racing team

Back in the formative years of sim racing esports, a team would consist of a few friends who share a passion for racing and want to compete with other like-minded individuals. Over time, a successful team will attract the attention of other talented drivers who also want to use their talents to improve their standing […]

Running the ERL

VCO are well into their Esports Racing League (ERL) Spring Cup, in which the top esports teams from ACC, iRacing and Rfactor, all compete in order to qualify for the Esports Racing World Cup (ERWC), but what goes into starting such a series, and what also goes into maintaining the machine once it is running? […]

Life after league racing

Competitive sim racing at the top level requires a huge investment of time and a large helping of talent. Many drivers have lofty aspirations to challenge the best in their particular field, or to progress to a real racing cockpit, but few ever make it that far. Casper Jansen has been in the F1 league […]

Team Renegade begins its adventure in the Sprint Series by GTR24H

Great enthusiasm in the pits of Team Renegade Simracing Workgroup! On Thursday the team begins its adventures in the Sprint Series championship by GTR24H. “We are undoubtedly excited; just a year ago Renegade formed a sim racing working group in which pilots of both Italian and foreign origin participate. In the group, we share know-how […]

12 hours of Monza – Weather Forecast: Rain and Thunderstorms

The Weather forecast for the 12 hours of Monza looks to present changing weather conditions going into tonight’s Qualify session and tomorrow’s Race session – this will definitely create some excitement to the race and give the viewers some very interesting racing. The weather forecast for the teams though looks rather dull as it represents […]

We Ordered Our Own Products And Here Is What We Got

We have a partnership with Printful who produces most of our merchandise. That means orders are fulfilled from multiple factories and storage facilities around the world. It also means we do not produce huge stocks of products and only do produce on-demand, which minimizes waste and storage demands to help protect our planet. And no! […]

GlamRacing races for Childhospice Strandbakkehuset

GlamRacing have decided that for the last 3 races in the GTR24H – Endurance eRacing World Championship, that GlamRacing will be fundraising money for the newly opened Child hospice “Strandbakkehuset”. The child hospice is located near Rønde in Denmark, and it opened its doors for families in December 2020, and up to 4 families can […]

GTR24H TV: 2020 Nürburgring Premiere

Maybe you remember. We certainly do. The duel of Hemmingsen and Henningsen. Well, you are going to have to wait a bit for that one. But at least we have prepared and set up the entire 2020 Nürburgring 24-hour race. And we are running the first two hours on GTR24H TV tonight at 20:55 CET. […]

Alex Goldschmidt Joins GTR24H Commentary Crew

Our own Yousuf bin-Suhayl met up with Alex Goldschmidt to talk about his decision to join the GTR24H commentary team. Alex is an experienced motorsport commentator with a lot of experience from British and European karting, having started his commentary career in 2017. He is looking forward to calling the action from Indianapolis in a […]

Asetek Supported The EEWC Le Mans

You may have seen in the commercial breaks and noted in the prizes list, that products by Asetek featured. This marks the third year of collaboration with Asetek. And Asetek certainly is no stranger to sim racing with several entries of their own team under the Asetek Esports Academy name. Asetek is a Danish company […]

GlamRacing ready for Le Mans with an international driver line-up

GlamRacing is ready for Le Mans 24 hours, with an international line-up of 4 drivers, Alexander van der Woude (NL), Calum Wilson (GB), Henrik Hoier (DK) and Lee Russell (GB), between them they have over 42 years of endurance experience, winning multiple racing and podiums. The drivers are looking forward to driving the Aston Martin […]

GTR24H Sprint Series – Race 11 – Misano

Successful start of the race, with absolutely lovely weather to boost the moods and burn the tires, while taking extra care of the gravel on the racers’ favourite turns alongside the track. For the first time in the Sprint series, we have the pleasure to see a Lamborghini joining the race by team #58 EURONICS, […]

The Battle Lasted More Than 23 Hours and Andi Kurtsen Was Under Pressure

GTR24H now has a well-renowned reputation for close and long-lasting battles, but rarely have we seen battles as long and hard-fought as the GT3 battle at the EEWC 24-Hours of Matsusaka. Team Rookie Monsters gave DIS SR Lab a fight to the finish line with all ingredients included. Rubbing, pit strategies, fuel economy, technical issues, […]

Matsusaka Weather Forecast For The Weekend

For qualifying Friday night temperatures around 25-30 degrees C with no rain and almost clear skies. On Saturday for the start of the race, heavy rain showers are expected with 28-30 degrees C air temperatures. Hours into the race a bigger low-pressure system is moving across the region with more continuous but lighter rain. During […]

Nürburgring 24 Hours 2020

Tradition dictates special GTR24H events and no track or race is more special than long-distance endurance racing on the Nürburgring-Nordschleife. Last year this was the race that teams cherished the most. The challenge of surviving 24 hours in The Green Hell is something to brag about on its own. On top of this, the track […]

Partner & Press Conference – Video and Resume

On September 25th 40 companies and media outlets attended the GTR24h – Endurance eRacing World Championship presentation and press conference. We live-streamed the entire event and recorded the video. Here is your option to attend the conference in video-format. And to not rob you of the option of asking questions, you may send all your […]

The Art of Strategy

Strategy within endurance racing can and has been the difference between winning and losing. The choice of tyres, fuel strategy, stint lengths for drivers can all play a part of what gives a team as good a chance as possible in performing at its maximum.

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