Sprint Series Season II Postponed

We are sad to announce that the Sprint Series will be entering a short hiatus from its regular schedule.

Due to the low number of entries, we have decided to put the series on hold, in order to secure more participants before returning with the remainder of the season.

We do not believe that it is currently possible to maintain the high quality of races we are accustomed to providing. However, we have already witnessed some fantastic battles this season and are keen to resume the series as soon as possible.

We will have more information on when the series will restart next month, alongside some potential changes to the race format.

About The Author

Yousuf bin-Suhayl
Yousuf has been working as an Esports caster since 2018 and specialises in League of Legends and motor sport. He runs the socials on Twitter & Facebook and claims that he is "a pretty good karter"
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