Sponsorship Masterclass for Sim Racing Teams

Would it be useful for you to learn more about how to attract sponsors? Then this is possibly the best online masterclass for you!

Jess Shanahan is a professional coach and teaches how to make you and your team more attractive to sponsors. Not only is she deeply engaged with helping other sim racers, but through her brand Racing Mentor, she has helped drivers to raise more than £1,000,000 in the last two years alone.

We are now offering a two-part online masterclass with Jess, so you can get all the best knowledge and tools for you to start making money on your sim racing career. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Build an engaging and consistent brand that sponsors want to buy into
  • Understand what value you offer as a team
  • Find a niche that opens up a wealth of sponsorship opportunities
  • Use social media in the most impactful way
  • Grow your social followings
  • Prepare your brand and team for pitching to new sponsors
  • Find potential sponsors that would benefit from working with your team
  • Work out their goals so you can pitch in the most impactful way possible
  • Create relationship-building messages and emails
  • Pitch with confidence and authority
  • Follow up to ensure maximum results from each pitch

Jess and her down-to-earth very specific way of approaching PR for race drivers and pitching at sponsors may be the most valuable source of advice you can get as a sim racer. There are others that can teach you how to drive faster, but driving fast doesn’t pay your bills and lets you buy the equipment you need.

This course is something that we have wanted to provide to the sim racing scene since we met Jess at the EEWC last year. The way she combines knowledge from the real-life racing scene with here engagement in sim racing is quite unique in our opinion. It is highly likely that the money you spend on this course is the best investment you ever did in your sim racing career.


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About The Author

Jon Fabricius Turell
Jon is the General Manager and CEO of GTR24H. He uses most of his time with the company trying to secure financial backing and media deals. During races, Jon manages our servers and assists Race Control and Stewards in assigning the correct server commands. Jon will also do social media posts and social media sharing.
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