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All changes require a response. And that means new opportunities to our community. Specifically the chance to enter the 24 Hours of Le Mans 2020 season finale race.

Annus horribilis. Meaning “a horrible year” is a phrase first used in an Anglican publication, a sub-branch of devoted protestants, to describe the year 1870 when the Catholic church declared the pope infallible in matters of religion. In 1992 Queen Elisabeth II brought the Latin phrase back to modern attention when used to describe her thoughts when looking back at the year. Once again the phrase sadly seems suitable for 2020.

None the less, years of tribulations can also bring new experiences and can be a year to remember. And times of change favour those who can and are willing to adapt.

We are certainly in a more positive mood to make the very best of the rest of 2020 with the 24-hour race at Le Mans as the season finale to the 2020 EEWC series. Originally planned as a LAN event in Viborg, Denmark then moved to Middelfart. And now, due to world-changing circumstances, it is not possible to host this exciting and truly industry-exclusive event in person. That marks the first time in 14 years (since 2007) that the GTR24H main race has not been held as a physical event, or even postponed for that matter.

Since the physical Le Mans race was postponed until October 2021, those teams who have already paid up for the 2020 season will have the entire 2021 season for free. And we have decided to make the final 2020 Le Mans online race available for single race entries. This should give many more teams the opportunity to take part and benefit all. Initially, 10 single race car spots will be available. Depending on the demand for the overall 125€ cheaper season entry, the number of tickets may be adjusted.

To not interfere with the full-season entries, single race entries come with a few extra conditions:

  • There will be no money or hardware prizes for single race entries.
  • Single race entries will still attend the podium ceremony and get any trophies or medals won in the race.
  • Single race entries will not score championship points.
  • Single race entry teams will be limited to two cars per race per team.

Prices for the single race entries, both Le Mans 24-hours and the first five races of the 2021 season will be at € 75,00 per race. Pricing for teams committing to both the 2020 Le Mans event and the entire 2021 season will be € 325.00. Teams that have already paid for the 2020 season will get the 2021 season completely for free.

This is an attractive price in comparison to buying entries separately the remaining 2020 race entry for Le Mans and then later buying the 2021 season entry. There will not be single race entries available for the postponed physical event in 2021 and this event is usually oversubscribed so consider signing up for the season if you want access to this unique event.

Get your single race tickets for the 2020 Le Mans 24-hour race scheduled for 23rd to the 26th of October 2020 for the closing race of the EEWC 2020 season, what a year it has been!

About The Author

Jon Fabricius Turell
Jon is the General Manager and CEO of GTR24H. He uses most of his time with the company trying to secure financial backing and media deals. During races, Jon manages our servers and assists Race Control and Stewards in assigning the correct server commands. Jon will also do social media posts and social media sharing.
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