Simon Crain: Surprised After P2 Finish at Kyalami GP Circuit

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Ewan O’Leary: [00:00:08] First of all gonna get Simon Crain in and we’re going to talk to what I would call the team of the day, but a pretty lonely race for you in the end here Simon you didn’t have a lot of battling and but I guess you had a pretty important job to keep your car on the road and yeah, just keeping in that second position and a result which must make you and the team very happy indeed.

Simon Crain: [00:00:35] Yeah, very happy indeed. I think due to Miles’ effort for the first stint, a very very hard stint being wet, we managed to get a lot of places on the start due to people messing up not expecting the conditions. But yeah Miles did a very good job trying to keep it on the track and then I managed to hold it together at the end.

Ewan O’Leary: [00:00:53] Were you guys expecting it. Did you know those conditions were going to strike at the start or where you like? Was that not really on your radar… Well, that’s a bit of a pun isn’t it “on the radar”, but did you know about the rain that was going to come or was that a complete surprise to you when you loaded in.

Simon Crain: [00:01:11] No, it was a complete surprise. Actually. I was away when it starts. So Miles was panicking trying to get there the wet setup sorted, the urge to change the tire pressures, but very much standard from the dry and it’s just yeah. I said to try and keep on the road, stay off the curb, and then gain a few positions from people going off.

Ewan O’Leary: [00:01:32] And yeah, then a bit of a question about the setup. What did you go for in the end? Because it was half N half really. Wet at the start dry the end. So how on earth did you balance that and what did you go for in terms of a setup because certainly if you’ve gone forward wet, then it would have been disastrous in the second hour. But if you’d gone full dry it would’ve been disasters in the first hour. So how did you balance that?

Simon Crain: [00:01:59] Yeah, once you get going anything that you can change is traction control and with the Aston of the trash control to for the cut just turn them up, turn the ABS up and you click through it on the brake bias that helps but we normally, in the wet, you know, we change roll bars, cambers, ride height, and change everything on the car basically, but I mean we took the risk to stick with the dry setup and it seemed to work in the end.

Ewan O’Leary: [00:02:25] You held on for P2. Now looking ahead a couple of weeks in the future. We’re going to the Nurburgring for the GP circuit. Unfortunately. For the next race two hours around the Nurburgring GP circuit. I’d like to ask this to everybody just to get a feel for what next race is really going to be like, how are you and Miles feeling about that race are you looking forward to the Nurburgring or are you dreading it bit?

Simon Crain: [00:02:50] We’re looking forward to it. We had a good race there, I think last month, in another championship and we both finished quite well, it’s normally quite challenging track in terms of speed. I mean, hopefully, we can get more practice in this time and get a good result. You know, the Champions very hard as lots of really good competition. Even today getting P2 is quite surprised, but hopefully, we can keep up that pace in the next round.

Ewan O’Leary: [00:03:16] Given the choice. Would you like the rain next week as well?

Simon Crain: [00:03:20] Yeah, yeah, rain can come anytime. Help today and hopefully, it can help us in the future again.

Ewan O’Leary: [00:03:25] All right. Thanks to Simon Crain for coming to talk to us. It’s been a pleasure and congratulations on your P2 today.

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