Sim-lab is returning as a partner for another Season in EEWC

We are happy to announce that Sim-Lab is returning as a partner in our new EEWC 2020 Season. Sim-lab is by now well known in the Simracing Community and has some the best assembly Simrigs money can buy. Especially the GT1-EVO and P1-X is a big seller at the company and as a follower of their success – we were happy last year to see Sim-Labs is moving their office to a new larger building in Tholen – which we actually visited back in August 2019.

The tremendous success Sim-Lab is sorely upon the easy expandability and adjustability in its products which covers most Simracers needs in a Simrig and their continuous support to the many Simracing teams using its products. Sim-Lab will yet again be supporting our show with great prices and merchandise for our many teams to win.

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