Satellite Racing aiming for DPI success at Le Mans

Satellite Racing have had a strange EEWC season in 2021. It started back in Indianapolis where they were one of three McLaren Sennas on the grid, alongside Drillers Esports and Omicron Sim Racing. On that particular day, they didn’t look anything like the dominant team they are now, driving in the DPI class with a 1-2 in the championship as things stand. It’s still all to play for, but they are looking strong.

The EEWC looked quite a lot different back in Indianapolis compared to now. The McLaren Senna was being used as the Hypercar class took the honour of being the fastest class in the series. However, over the first three months it didn’t prove to be overly popular. At the first race there were three entries, with Satellite Racing being the slowest of the teams. In the end, Drillers Esports managed to chase down Omicron Sim Racing for the win in that race after issues during the mid part, with Satellite Racing picking up the pieces for a second place finish.

There were two cars on the grid for Silverstone, and Satellite weren’t one of them. Drillers Esports again overhauled Omicron for the victory, something which they managed to repeat at Sebring, where they had no competition on the grid. It was clear that the category was dying out, so it needed revamping and the Cadillac DPI was the perfect way to do this, which has also been much more to Satellite Racing’s liking.

Firstly, they no longer have Drillers Esports to challenge them, as that team has now become defunct. They do have three other teams challenging them now, but so far, they haven’t been touched. At the Nurburgring, Viadukten were the only other team on the grid, but after having technical issues with their sim rig towards the end, Satellite were gifted a 1-2 finish. They also repeated this at Spa, despite a slightly more difficult race.

The big challenge in the DPI category has come from Axle Sports. They are a new team to the EEWC who showed some fantastic pace in qualifying, but they were sent further back down the grid, following on from a rule infringement. During the opening part of the race at Spa, they fought their way through to get onto the back of the Satellite car, but crashed at Eau Rouge.

They could’ve repaired the car, but another infringement with the rules meant they were unable to return to the race, with Satellite Racing going on to take another 1-2 in the process.

It seems Satellite Racing have had it all their own way this season, but with a little more experience in the EEWC and its rules, Axle Sports could certainly be challengers. They start at Le Mans 41 points down, but certainly for 2022, they will be ones to watch. In fact, it’s unlikely that Satellite Racing will have their championship challenged by anyone at Le Mans, however they will still be aiming for a strong race and maybe a third victory in a row.

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