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With the big money attracting some big names the anticipation of green lights with in our team was building throughout the day. This was only our teams second ACC race, as we are usually an rFactor 2 exclusive team. The team manager, Simon Marshall and his new found team mate Kris Vickers raced ACC against each other at Online Touring Car Racing and only recently paired up to enter the 73 Bentley at short notice and with very little preparation time managed to qualify P16. Both brought the car home undamaged and drove a solid race finishing P8 in an incident free race and putting into practice good social distancing tactics by managing to avoid any contact through out the entire race.

Matt Beavis and Mantas Rekus, both being very new to the ACC platform managed to surprise some by qualifying P7 in the 37 Aston, but some last minute tyre pressure changes hindered the car for Matts stint. He handed over early to Mantas to bring it home on more suitable tyre pressures, however disaster struck and Mantas’ pedals were not working so a trip to the pits to re-plug in the wheel sorted the problem allowing him to do a great recovery drive with plenty of on-stream action while he made his way back up to a respectable P12.

Considering the strength of field, we as a team, will take that result and be happy with it, but we hope for even better results from our A-team of Matt and Mantas at Circuit Zolder on May 27th as we all know they have winning potential.

It was clear that there was a wide variety of driver and setup engineering ability across the field. We hope that a class system will be adopted to ensure all competitors are challenged and motivated throughout the entirety of the season.  It can be disheartening to be back at the back with no hope or prospect of points and believe it is a necessity to keep consistency and numbers of entrants to the highest standards.

Lastly a big thanks and well done to all the organisers GTR24h, commentators, all our competition and especially the winners for a tough race and a top class stream.

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