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Revealing the GlamRacing 2022 car and sad news

Firstly, we here at GlamRacing want to wish everyone a happy New Year and also take a chance to thank everyone for a great 2021 season, especially the whole team behind GTR24H.

We here at GlamRacing have learned so much in the last season as a team. We had lots of great races with a bit too much drama if you ask us (engine failure, connection bugs, wheel problems, and more), but we are more than ready to kick off the 2022 EEWC season in two weeks’ time.

We will continue to race in the GT3 class, where we were so pleased to win third place in the overall standings in 2021, and we hope for a similar result in the 2022 season.

As for the car we have picked the Audi R8LMS 2019, a car we think will be able to do great, and we can’t wait to play around with finding the perfect setup for it.

GlamRacing 2022, Audi R8LMS 2019

GlamRacing 2022, Audi R8LMS 2019

For the design of the skin for the 2022 car we wanted something simple but still something there would make people look twice. So, we went all-in on shiny vinyl in the classic GlamRacing Purple, we added the GlamRacing diamond on the sides and front, the colour of the diamond shifts from matte black to matte purple depending on what angle you view the car from. We here at GlamRacing just can’t take our eyes off it and we hope the same goes for you.

Here in 2022, we are sadly saying goodbye to one of the five drivers on the team, as Jef Vannijlen is stopping his racing career. We all want to thank Jef for his time on the team as a driver, but thankfully, he will not leave the team completely as he is the maker of the gorgeous 2022 skin.

We here at GlamRacing look forward to seeing you all on the track!

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