Recap of GlamRacings 24 hours at Spa-Francorchamps

After a rough couple of qualifying, we started at P2 on the grid at Spa-Francorchamps out of 5 GT3 cars – Lee Russell drove the car fast and firm with a lot of traffic around the track. Lee did have a few incidents with cut tracks but nothing bad and after his first couple of stints, Calum Wilson jumped in the car.

Calum too had great speed like Lee and did have a few battles with the other GT3s – which seemed to have a few more problems than we did – some disconnects, engine blowing up, and crashes – so that meant we jumped to 1st place and when Jakub Kowalski took over the car he just had to drive it and keep it in 1st place. Jakub did have one minor incident where his wheel kept turning on its own, which then meant a little contact with the wall – but thankfully nothing bad happened and we just had 70 secs repair work done at the driver swap between Jakub and Jef Vannijlen.

Sadly, Jef had a solo crash where he spun the car going into Eau Rouge, and as he tried to save the car the wheel just overspun and banked the car into the wall with such power that the whole rear wing flew off – Jef drove the now undrivable vehicle back to the pit – where we had over 600 seconds of repair, which meant that 585 Asetek SimSports by Volante Racing came back up to 1st place and we ended up at 3rd after the 188 Teleforeningen.

So, after that little incident, we just had driven it back up again which Jef did amazingly as he gave the car over to Henrik Hoier. Henrik drove with good speed and had a fair clean run, he got us to 2nd place before he handed the car back over to Jakub.

Jakub had a good and consistent pace in the darkness and made up good ground, unfortunately on his in-lap before driver change, he had a DPI cutting Infront of him and taking all his aero, he lost control of the car and had to get a new rear wing. He was going into the pits anyway, it was just frustrating to have to do the extra repairs.

Lee took over the car for his second stint after Jakub and drove very fast and focused to try and minimize the gap between us and 585 Asetek SimSports by Volante Racing – He had a fairly clean run – just mostly yelling at himself for not pushing hard enough – but that is just how we know Lee.

Henrik returned to the car after Lee and drove 2 very good stints without any big incidents so he could hand the car over to Jakub, who saw the track as a Belgium autobahn – Sadly we ran out of fuel and had to pull the internet to return to the pit – which meant we lost 3 laps more to the leading car not what we had wished for but that is sim racing. Jakub came back in the car and drove his last stint without issues and handed it over to Jef.

About halfway into Jefs’ first stint the 585 Asetek SimSports by Volante Racing car had problems and had to rejoin the server – so we were like Pacman eating the laps between them and us – which meant by the time they got back out on track we were back in 1st with a 30 seconds gap, so we had to find out a strategy for pit stops in the last couple of hours without known their pit strategy – which is hard when you have had next to no sleep – but we decided to get Calum back in the car with a full tank and told him to race hard because we quickly released that who would win the race – would be up where we and 585 Asetek SimSports by Volante Racing were on the race in relations to the winning DPI car.

We made our final pit stop, which was just a splash and dash, with 12 mins left of the race hoping that 585 Asetek SimSports by Volante Racing would also need a quick stop. But sadly, they didn’t which meant they won the race with a 27-second gap down to us.

We are of course sad not to win the race, but we would rather lose the race known we raced hard and came back from everything that has happened strong, and we here at GlamRacing congratulate 585 Asetek SimSports by Volante Racing for the win.

In the overall standings, we are now in a very secure 2nd place with 84 points – 585 Asetek SimSports by Volante Racing is in 1st place with 105 points, and is in 3rd place with 70 points.

The race last and final race of the season is 24 hours at Le Mans and race day for that is the 29th of October.

We also just want to thank our partner Grizzly Simgineering!

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