Ramada MotorSport joins 12-Hours of Monza

Ramada MotorSports, a familiar name in the Endurance eRacing World Championship will be joining 12 Hours of Monza in their Audi R8LMS GT3 2019 in the last weekend of July – The team which consist of Pedro Ramada the Team boss, 2. driver Carlos Basto and 3. driver Paul Reis.  All very talented drivers  who know the inside and outs of what can happen in Endurance races and what it takes to complete such a demanding task. Ramada MotorSport  which is placed 4th in the LMP2 class in the Endurance eRacing World Championship will have to adjust driving in a GT3 car  which would definitely give them some challenges to solve before the upcoming Special event. Changing classes and moving away from something u are familiar with – is not always easy and requires adjustments, skills and patience to master the car perfectly.

What Ramada previously have shown in previous races – We know that Ramada will be performing in the top of its class – but it wouldn’t be easy for the team. The signups already hold competitors like Mugen Simracing, Prosim, Satellite Racing and more teams – which would give them good competition throughout the long race of 12 Hours which in itself is something that needs planning.

Pedro Ramada