Race Anywhere Simsport join forces with PCDC and PPR esports

Formed only a month ago, the Race Anywhere Simsport crew aimed to make their mark in the top tiers of iRacing, which is a crowded arena to say the least, but their ambition was not in short supply.

The game somewhat changed when the newly formed squad was approached by a long-running community that was well established in the Project CARS era, and now has settled in the Assetto Corse Competizione arena.

That was Marcus Lawrence and his community of PCDC Motorsports. Originally the Project CARS Drivers Club, Marcus’ team had the talent but faced a common problem when trying to raise the bar for the Esports team, that being the required resources.

A merger with PPR Esports brought further talent, resources, and crucially, experience. Even with these two teams combined, they still were short of what was required for the targets PCDC had in mind, as Marcus explains:

PCDC Motorsports have been a sim racing community for over 5 years, starting on Project Cars 1 and 2, before settling on ACC a few years ago. With that we started to run our own esports team, featuring the top drivers from the PCDC league we were simultaneously running. The team had a lot of success winning endurance races in high level events with communities like Racing Club International and Apex Online Racing.

Logically the next step for us was SRO, but without support it was an almost impossible ask, both financially and with the knowledge that we’d have to elevate our game to another level! PPR were in the same boat as us. A league that formed an esports team and were competing at a similar level to us. We made the decision to merge with them. As close friends in the community, despite our rivalry on track, it elevated our talent pool, and brought together a roster with a depth of talent we couldn’t have achieved alone, as well as doubling our resources. They also had SRO experience, finishing a close 2nd in SRO Americas Endurance last year, and historically being at the front of events.

Our talks with Race Anywhere didn’t take as long as one might imagine. The timing on our end was perfect. We had the talent, but were lacking resources to truly compete with the elite level ACC teams. For Race Anywhere, the decision was also logical! They were already looking to enter the esports scene, and the idea of working with us meant they could expedite the process of being competitive.

After a few long chat’s we felt that they ticked every box we were looking for. Ultimately, the ambition here is to be a championship winning team on multiple sims. PPR and PCDC have been doing this for multiple years, and plan to continue doing this for multiple more. We look forward to mixing it with the top teams more frequently, and the new Race Anywhere Simsport give us every opportunity to do just that!

Whilst PCDC Motorsports and PPR esports will continue to operate under their own names for their respective sim racing communities and league racing, when it comes to Esports, particularly in endurance racing, they will race under the Race Anywhere Simsports banner.

With these powers combined, they have a bright future ahead, and we look forward to reporting on their future championship achievements.

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