One Hub Racing League launches season 20

Today is the day that One Hub Racing fans have been waiting for, as it is the launch day for their landmark 20th season in the Formula 1 game arena.

For those less familiar with OHR, they specialise in F1 and ACC racing on the Playstation platform, they are a very popular and friendly place to go racing.

There are so many good things about OHR, which includes great coverage, wonderful staff, and helpful drivers to provide a welcoming and enjoyable sim racing experience.

OHR has been around since 2013, so they know a thing or two about great league racing. Their tag line for this season is “taking realism to the next level” with a picture of a coughing Alpha Tauri and a voice line from Lewis Hamilton following an engine blow-up, so expect some exciting challenges from the next season at OHR.

Head over to their Twitter page @OneHubRacing for more information, and to see their launch trailer at 6 PM UK time tonight!

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