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Our new servers are finally ready and powered by Danish – FROGGAMING is an eSport Gaming Company that builds Gaming Computers for demanding sim racers, esports enthusiasts, and regular gamers. Check out their assortment of tried and tested excellent gaming PC builds here:
After years of running on the same HP600Z server equipped with an Outdated Intel Xeon 5509(Gainestown) and 12GB of DDR3 Memory for all our races – we finally managed to exchange our old but stable server with a completely new. We have moved all configurations and settings to the new server. As a participant and sim racer on our server, you will not notice any differences. was kind enough to help us with the new hardware and get our server up to 2020 specs. The new server hardware is nicely assembled in a Riotoro CR488 Case. Equipped with an AMD Ryzen 5 3600 (Zen 2 Matisse) (Will be upgraded later to Ryzen 3700X ), MSI GT 710 2GD3H LP Graphics card, 32GB GSKILL DDR4-3000 Memory and 500GB Samsung 860 EVO SSD and Maxtor 500 SSD Drive.
The main advantage of the upgrade server is that it allows us to dedicate resources to run multiple sessions of game servers at the same time without the individual server software interfering with each other. We are proud to provide even greater support for our drivers and teams.
So far these rFactor 2 EEWC (Endurance eRacing World Championship) servers are now available:
GTR24h Nurburgring 12H (RealWeather)
GTR24h Matsusaka 24H (RealWeather)
GTR24h LeMans 24H (RealWeather)
In the next few days – more servers will be added to list:
GTR24h Nurburgring 12H N (Night Server) (RealWeather)
GTR24h Matsusaka 24H N (Night Server) (RealWeather)

GTR24h LeMans 24H N (Night Server) (RealWeather)

FROGGAMING are experts in gaming PCs and game servers. Don’t forget to pay their website a visit at

About The Author

Jon Fabricius Turell
Jon is the General Manager and CEO of GTR24H. He uses most of his time with the company trying to secure financial backing and media deals. During races, Jon manages our servers and assists Race Control and Stewards in assigning the correct server commands. Jon will also do social media posts and social media sharing.
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