MUGEN SimRacing Are Looking For Sponsorship

MUGEN SimRacing, one of the most outstanding e-sports team in Hungary, is looking for sponsorship support for further development!

We know sponsors are primary marketing partners and don’t care too much about results. But MUGEN SimRacing is a team with a good foundation of racing talent. Our team has had a lot of success in its first year. In the championship organized by VISC, our team won 8 of the 9 categories, and in the current season of EERC, both categories are led by our team. In the 6-hour race in Spa organized by GEM, three of the four categories announced were won by our team and on the podium in each category.

We are planning to use our talent on track to hone and grow our fanbase and following. In Hungary, e-sports is still an emerging market, which makes it challenging for a new team to grow a following. But if you want to move early in a developing market a sponsorship and partnership with our team could be an excellent opportunity. We are currently working together with the GTR24H team, hoping to help them work with foreign companies to develop our team as well.

Our main goals for the rest of 2021 are to take part in the 24-hour Le Mans event hosted by VEC, the official Virtual Le Mans hosted by WEC and the Le Mans LAN event hosted by GTR24H.

To do this, we would need the support of professional partners to cooperate help us achieve and further develop our goals. If you are interested, you can contact us at the following email address: [email protected]

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