Mometu launches GTR24H fastchannel

For the past couple of months GTR24H has been working hard behind the scenes to add our content to multiple FastChannel networks in both United States, Asia and Europe – so far you have been able to find our content on Xiaomi, FreeCast Inc, Film Volt Group, Herogo TV- Go Stream, Select-TV, NBC Universal Local Now, Meta X, TCL ,Vivalive tv, Ebaba, Ayozat, Amazon Fire, Roku Inc and as of lately Mometu too.

Mometu is a brand new FastChannel Company which is available in your browser, Appstore, Google Market, Apple-TV, Amazon Fire and Roku. Mometu writes At Mometu, we believe in bringing content that’s richly diverse in thought and culture to as many people as we can. But diversity doesn’t mean as much if it’s not accessible to everyone. That’s why we’ve designed Mometu to be free of subscription costs and make our apps super easy to use. Diversity meets accessibility! On Mometu, you’ll find a plethora of captivating and thought-provoking movies, documentaries, TV series, and live channels that bring greater representation to creative filmmakers from all over the world. We collaborate with filmmakers from North America, Latin America, Africa, Europe, Oceana, and Asia to bring their content to you.  

You can visit to signup for a free account to watch as much GTR24H content you like.

About The Author

Jon Fabricius Turell
Jon is the General Manager and CEO of GTR24H. He uses most of his time with the company trying to secure financial backing and media deals. During races, Jon manages our servers and assists Race Control and Stewards in assigning the correct server commands. Jon will also do social media posts and social media sharing.
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