Management structure of the modern sim racing team

Back in the formative years of sim racing esports, a team would consist of a few friends who share a passion for racing and want to compete with other like-minded individuals. Over time, a successful team will attract the attention of other talented drivers who also want to use their talents to improve their standing in the sim racing community, but that continued growth increases the demand on the team personnel to keep the drivers motivated, demands that become too much for a few people to manage, when also juggling real-life commitments, so a few more like-minded individuals are brought in to help shoulder the burden of the growing esports team.

As sim racing esports has grown, successful esports teams have to operate in the same way as a business, with management structures focusing the attention of specific managers on particular areas of the team, in the same way a retail store manager, who deals with the staff in a store, would report to an area manager, who manages several stores in a given part of the country, who in turn reports to a general manager, and so on. Consistent Racing Esports (CRE) recently shared their management structure on social media, and they follow a very similar structure, however, there will be those that question the need for such a structure in an esports team. General Manager CRE Oskar explained CRE’s necessity for their management structure.

Your management structure contains 11 members of staff in various roles throughout the organisation. For those unfamiliar with the internal workings of such an organisation, why are there so many?

The solid baseline for numerous members of staff is because we’re a very high paced environment, meaning we require a lot of tasks to be completed in a short amount of time and having a collective group of people helps with productivity as well as the quality of work. Each member of staff has a background in prior management, and reaching the level we want to get to, requires a solid team behind the scenes to help us achieve those exact goals.

What qualities do you look for when selecting your management staff?

We look for hard-working people who will understand our set goals. We’ve gone through the troubles of recruiting individuals who struggled to match our goals and we had to let them go. When looking for members of staff, ideally proven experience is always beneficial (although not necessary), we also require high involvement and care for the team. Being a team player (and leader in some roles) is an essential skill to have. We all work hard and it takes a special character to be involved in our unique Esports team.

As General Manager, what responsibilities fall on your shoulders?

My responsibilities include helping day to day running of the team, and making sure each driver follows our driver’s conduct. I also help with scouting and recruiting the correct drivers, holding meetings with our staff members to make sure we’re all on the right path, as well as releasing inactive drivers alongside helping manage our social media and further business plans. I have a lot on my plate, but I thrive under pressure and generally speaking, I enjoy the responsibilities of my role.

What is involved in the “day to day” running of the team?

This involves making sure our drivers are happy, if any of the tier managers need help I’m here for them, and also keeping interactive with the drivers. Most of my work occurs in our business department. Our drivers bond well together which I’m proud of in our community, which means if there’s a problem, not only members of staff are here for everyone, but also the drivers. I have a great group around me and I’m proud of everyone in the team.


Whilst there will always be room for the small group of friends who just want to have some fun racing with a few other like-minded individuals, in order to rise to the top of esports, it must be driven from the very top, and that’s demonstrated in the structure that CRE utilises.

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May 20, 2022 21:55

Really like this article 👌

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