LMP2 12 Hours Of Silverstone Podium

Varga Sim Racing is a tough competitor for the other teams in the class. And some controversy at the end of the race caused #17 Drillers Esports to initially cross the finish line as winners. This was however very quickly subject to investigation by race control and the result for the class was made preliminary. The controversy was caused by a penalty being assigned in the seconds before a driver change and the game therefore wrongfully assigning subtracting hefty six laps from the completed distance of the #117 car. Even more controversy was added when the initial server logs showed the #117 did not server a stop-and-go penalty before the end of the race, which they did in fact manage to do, but after the winning hypercar crossed the finish line. This led to the stewards and server manager using several days of close inspection of the recorded live stream, extra server logs and scrutineering of the possible events and explanations, before finalizing the result. Let’s not have this kind of nail-biting rules and error based post-race stuff decide any future races.

Outside all the drama of the leaders, #15 Deuces MotorSport Club secured their first podium finish.

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Peter Munkholm
When John Nielsen won Le Mans 24-Hours in 1990, Peter was hooked with motorsports. He started sim racing on his uncles PC with Formula One Grand Prix by Geoff Crammond in 1992. Then progressed through IndyCar Simulator and IndyCar Simulator 2 on his Amiga 500+. When he bought his own PC in 1994 and a Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback Pro Joystick he was already deeply in love with sim racing. His first skirmish with light modding was a Pernod Anis blue, white, and red skin for IndyCar Racing 2. He was hooked! But sim racing really kicked off for Peter with Sports Car GT in 1999. And with internet access and what felt like an ocean of mods. Sports Car GT and the F1 simulators with endurance racing mods swallowed most of his spare time. Then the GTR mod for F1 2003 arrived on the scene, from some Swedish dudes who called themselves SIMBIN. That would change everything! Right about then was also when Logitech steering wheels reach a state of useful. So when the GTR game officially released Peter bought a Formula Force GP wheel the same day, went home and founded the Danish Grand Touring League (DGTL). In 2006 the first LAN event was held. This became GTR24H in 2007. As they say. The rest is history!
GTE 12 Hours Of Silverstone PodiumHyperCar 12-Hours Of Silverstone Podium

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