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Jeffrey Richie is a Dutch F1 league racing star, with his eyes set on the next F1 challengers series, and to race against the likes of fellow countryman Jarno Opmeer, to represent Formula one teams in the F1 esports arena. Jeffrey is also a driver coach for, imparting his wealth of knowledge and experience to fellow up and coming drivers. To the surprise of his F1 fanbase, it was announced this week that Jeffrey has now joined the Race Anywhere team in their ACC lineup, so I had a chat with him about it.

You’ve been competing at the sharp end of F1 league racing for a while, you’re a driver coach as well, what prompted the move to ACC?

After challengers, about a week or so after that ended the game had massive desync issues once again and basically, the whole community wasn’t able to do any league racing so I decided to try out some other sims, mainly ACC. Somebody recommended I’d check out LFM which is a ranked rating system that is at a higher and much cleaner level than the open lobby races. I decided to grind that out, just a month-long of doing back to back races, learning the game and tracks, and just overall improving my sim racing skills, as I’ve only been driving now for 1.5 years starting out on the f1 2020 game on a pad and then late December 2020 getting my first wheel.

Now you’ll be racing under the Race-anywhere banner, what’s the next challenge you’ll be taking on?

The race anywhere sim sport was a very unexpected thing. I was basically called up one day before signups closed, and I’ll be on the grid with Tonizza, Baldwin, Jardier, and I don’t even know how many pros. I’m in the team to drive SRO-esports world endurance series. I’m in the team, not contracted so it wouldn’t interfere with any future f1 team I will be joining, but definitely when the next game comes out, most of my focus will be on that. Currently, I have about 2 and half days to get ready for Bathurst in a Ferrari, a car I’ve never driven on a track I’ve never driven so that will be a challenge for sure not to bin it in the wall and disappoint the team, and also working hard to improve overall. We’ll see where we end up, I have a lot of faith in my teammates. It’s a very long season, this first Bathurst endurance is not optimal as we need to run 20kg ballast as well but in future races, we will be even stronger as I continue to improve on ACC

Does your skill from the F1 side help you at all learn the GT3 machinery in ACC, or does it feel like you’re starting from scratch?

The f1 game forces you to drive a certain way which is completely different to any other game/sim out there. The advantage of that is that being forced to drive with no ABS or TC, so that way you learn to be super precise, everything you do in F1 is about hundreds, thousands of a second, the right braking point, turn-in point and exit throttle. So in a way, having that coordination, and the GT3 cars having a bit more weight, less downforce and overall having everything slowed down a little, I’d say it helps for sure. It took me a little bit to get used to the way of driving, but I started with the Porsche as well, one of the quickest but also the most sketchy and trickiest car to drive, so having those quick reactions and knowing what to look for and knowing how to manipulate the car to do what you want it to do helps for sure.

Has the long term plan changed, now that you are part of the Race Anywhere team?

Long term I’d say overall improvement in the sim racing field, being a part of the sim racing community and growing with it. F1 is still one of my main goals, although league racing is mainly for fun and showing other team scouts what you can do. With the Race Anywhere team, I’m committed to a full SRO endurance season. Currently, for the f1 22 side I’m in talks with a couple of teams, main focus there will be challengers which would be in about six months from now, so the main plan hasn’t changed, only with ACC added to it.


A huge challenge awaits Jeffrey on his new venture with Race Anywhere in ACC, and we at GTR24H wish them all the best of luck.

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