Interview – Valdemar Eriksen – GT3 #585 Asetek Simsport

Following on from the recent announcement that Asetek Simsport will be joining the Endurance eRacing World Championship for the 2021 seaosn finale and for the entire 2022 campaign, their team manager Valdemar Eriksen spoke recently to Alex Goldschmidt about the more exciting development of the team’s endeavours.Along with that, Alex also asked Valdemar about Asetek’s work within sim racing as a peripheral supplier and their recent announcement on the tie-in with supercar brand Pagani on what is an exciting prospect.


About The Author

Alex Goldschmidt
Alex heads up the commentary and content side of GTR24H, having originally joined the team for the 2021 EEWC season. He is an experienced karting commentator, who also has reported as a journalist from the world of motorsport in the last decade or so, having joined the eSports ranks in March of 2020.
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