Interview – Onemove Esport Ferrari GTE driver Matthieu Decrop

Why did Onemove go from LMP2 to the GTE class? That and many other questions will get answered in this interview with Matthieu Decrop, one of the drivers of the Onemove Esports Ferrari 458 GTE. And if you are wondering: How does Matthieu actually drive in daily traffic? You may get some insight on that as well.

Onemove Esport has two cars in the championship. Both of them are Ferrari 458s, the 31 car is in the GTE class, the second car is the number 26 currently sitting third in the GT3 class championship only one point off Mugen SimRacing in second place.

We also learned that Matthieu was suffering from lag and disconnects which HARDiNFO tracked down to the common heating issues and helped resolve. At GTR24H we can not stress enough how sim racing for hours on end puts strains on your PC that no other type of gaming really will.

As well as the team looking forward to meeting everyone again at the Le Mans LAN event in October, we are looking forward to seeing the team there.

Listen to the interview and afterwards, please, go visit the Onemove Esport Facebook page and give them a like.

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