Interview – Musto GD e-Sports GTE Driver Tiziano Brioni

You are going to learn two things about Mr Brioni from this interview. He doesn’t like the C7 Corvettes and he really is into the whole endurance racing economy racing strategy thing. Maybe that is the reason why either Musto is at the top of the boards or they suffer incident upon incident and have horrible races. When the economic strategies work, they tend to be almost unbeatable. But you need to have drivers that can also deliver that stringent steady high performance needed to reap the fruits of fewer pit stops. You have to remember the long-run strategy gets more and more advantageous the longer the races are.

We love having teams with different views and philosophies on how to win a championship. And Musto GD is definitely relying heavily upon their experienced drivers to fulfil their version of “how to win a championship”.

Listen to the interview and afterwards, please, go visit the Musto GD e-Sports Facebook page and give them a like.

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Yousuf bin-Suhayl
Yousuf has been working as an Esports caster since 2018 and specialises in League of Legends and motor sport. He runs the socials on Twitter & Facebook and claims that he is "a pretty good karter"
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