How To Calculate Your CO2 emissions

Green racing is one of the best ways towards a better future without the hard feelings of leaving the pollution behind the car. At GTR24h, know how good it feels to stand for something great and move towards a more sustainable future.

Racing is fun indeed, and we all love it, but have you ever wondered how to calculate your CO2 emissions from your car or race car?

Example for Diesel:

1 liter of diesel weighs 835g. Diesel consists of 86.2% of carbon or 720g of carbon per liter of diesel. In order to combust this carbon to create CO2, we need 1920g of Oxygen. This brings our sum to 720g + 1920g = 2640g of CO2 for every liter of diesel!

Example of Petrol:

1 liter of petrol weighs 750g. Petrol consists of 87% carbon, or 652g of carbon per liter of petrol. To combust this carbon to create CO2, we need 1740g Oxygen. This brings our sum to 652g + 1740g = 2392g of CO2 for every liter of petrol!

Now let’s take a look at two different scenarios:

1st – Diesel car:

You are planning to drive for a 120km long road-trip, and you know that your diesel car does 19.2 kilometers per liter of fuel. By dividing our 120 kilometers by our 19.2 consumption figure, we can calculate how many liters we need for the trip. Then, if we multiply that number by the amount of CO2 we produce from each liter which we figured out earlier, we can work out how much CO2 we produce from our entire road trip:

120 / 19.2 x 2.640 = 16.5kg CO2

2nd – Gasoline car:

Let’s say your race weekend is 30 practice laps, 10 qualifying laps, and 40 race laps. You know that your average consumption in your race car is 2.4 liters of gasoline per lap.

If we multiply our 2.4 liters by the number of laps, we can figure out how many liters we will use all weekend. Then, if we multiply that number by the amount of CO2 we produce from each liter which we figured out earlier, we can work out how much CO2 we produce from our entire race weekend:


(30+10+40)*2.392=191.36kg CO2

Racing for green website offers many great ways to take the fight to climate change and the growing level of pollution in our world today and help us live more sustainably. Don’t be shy, click the link, and make a difference!

Also, we have an upcoming race! Tune into the 2020 GTR24H EEWC Round 4 –  Le Mans 24 Hour race on October the 24th/25th. “Le Mans To Trees

Change is hard at first, messy in the middle, and gorgeous at the end” – Robin Sharma

In the process of creating a more sustainable environment, we might feel lost at the beginning, but later, when we see the trees growing and being taken care of, instead of being cut down and used for the firewood, we can be proud of what we’ve achieved, and the better world we’re creating together. Security of the trees provided by the Global GGW Services offers peace of mind through web surveillance for the clients.

Nature is conscientiously becoming a crucial part of who we are, after realizing how much irreversible damage can be done in just a couple of decades of pollution and overpopulation. GTR24H stands firm in our commitment to make the world a greener place. We love eSports and the technologies and advancement that come with it, and when you mix the two together you get to experience life-changing immersion when you realize how amazing it is to drive the simulated cars on the PC or console. Some might be skeptical, but we all have been there. It takes real courage to try it and accept that the world is moving towards a safer and more interactive environment, where no matter your situation, whether you can’t afford to race, you have an injury, even if you are disabled, you can still experience the thrill of the racing world for yourself.

GTR24h supports everyone who dares to take the step forward towards eSports, and a better world for us all, even those who need a little nudge.

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