GTR24H Talkshow – Episode 1 – 2021 Week 16

Today marks the start of a new piece of regular content from GTR24H, A podcast! Yousuf bin-Suhayl spoke to Jon Turrell, Peter Munkholm and Nick Newcombe to discuss all things GTR24H related, from teams leaving the EEWC, the new DPI car class, the much anticipated LAN event in October and more. We will be bringing a new episode of the podcast every week and we hope to have future events live-streamed so that we can answer your specific questions.

Do you have a question about GTR24H? Let us know in the comments below so we can bring it up in the next podcast.

(Because of audio not being recorded from Peter Munkholm we had to edit out his parts of the podcast. We will solve the problems for the next podcast and later move to a live stream format)

About The Author

Yousuf bin-Suhayl
Yousuf has been working as an Esports caster since 2018 and specialises in League of Legends and motor sport. He runs the socials on Twitter & Facebook and claims that he is "a pretty good karter"
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