GTR24H Sprint Series – Race 11 – Misano

Successful start of the race, with absolutely lovely weather to boost the moods and burn the tires, while taking extra care of the gravel on the racers’ favourite turns alongside the track. For the first time in the Sprint series, we have the pleasure to see a Lamborghini joining the race by team #58 EURONICS, on 3rd position at the beginning of the race, but time would tell if they would stay there, climb up or fall down. Musto GD e-Sports in both pole position and leading the championship alongside their mortal rivals EURONICS.

Fun fact of the race: Italians driving German cars and Germans Driving Italian cars – not something that we can see daily.

Shocking turn of event’s – “another one bites the dust” as P. Amato, team  #71 Musto GD e-Sports vanishes from the race entirely, after over half an hour into the race as a definite leader, leaving the A. Pusceddu (Mercedes) #98 Musto GD Corse as 1st, as the new leader. Followed by 2nd place – J.Munro (Aston Martin) #23 Simply Race and 3rd place – M. Pejic #58 EURONICS Gaming Team Razer (Lamborgini).

After the first hour of racing, another exciting turn of events – for a change, we have three different manufacturers on the podium:
1st Mercedes Musto GD #71
2nd Bentley Simply Race #23
3rd Lamborghini EURONICS #58

The last half an hour begins with a change of leadership. And the removal of the big Mercedes cars.

The last quarter of the race looks intense, with the racers showing their absolute best to gain on their foes. Truly an incredible race, with a lot of emotions and a fierce fight at the end.

Side by side overtaking, trial and error – spotting the weak spots, some of the racers really tested their luck.

In the end, we end up with a surprising win for the #23 Simply Race and the podium looks like this
1st Bentley  Simply Race #23
2nd Lamborghini EURONICS #58
3rd Bentley Pulse Simsport #52

Another amazing race.

With both Musto GD e-Sport and the #57 Euronics Gaming Team Intel not finishing the race, the gap for the championship stands at 31 points which means it is impossible for anyone to catch up with Musto and the drivers of the #71 Musto GD e-Sport car are the GTR24H Sprint Series Season One winners!


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