GTR24H Nurburgring 24H Race Report

GTR24H annual Nurburgring 24h event turned out to be one the closest race we have seen in a long time over 24Hours of racing and the positions within the top 10 changed by the hour up until the final stages of the race and pit stops. The only constant throughout was the #94 Burst Esport car which starting from pole position after a dominant qualifying session they only lost the lead with 3 laps during pit stop phases during the race – but gained those quickly and won the race with a good margin.

Behind them, the race for the remaining steps on the podium 2nd and 3rd went all the way to the end. Behind the #64 VRS Satellite Racing and #31 Onemove Esports overcame issues and troubles to complete the podium after they threw up some difficult discussions at various stages of the race. You want rain, or do you want a dry track? For many drivers they had both conditions, it caught many out, as some teams bravely carried on when the rain came. Then when conditions leaned towards a dry on portions of the track – the tire option came into play again would it be continued rain tires or hard, soft or medium?. Teams then had a choice to make in regards to go into the pit or stick it out. Lap times, tire wear and driver confidence all played a big part in that decision. Teams up and down the grid were caught out. Positions changed constantly, those near front suddenly found themselves down the field through car damage or simply a drop in lap time which then made a return to the pits at must.


Positions from P7 to P4 were not decided until the final pit stop. #123 SIMCO #2 Mugen Simracing, #999 Rookie Monsters and #74 Deuces Motorsports Club all pushing hard to gain that extra spot. The weather played its part in this tight battle. Changing by the minute it seems in the last 3 titanic hours, every pit stop and tire choice was all-important.

The 94 Burst Esport who continued on strongly won this very special race for the second year in a row! Can they do it for the third year, or can the teams who proved great challengers, but fell short this year, regroup, and make it very difficult for them to achieve only time will tell – Nick Newcombe.

About The Author

Nick has been Sim Racing since 2006 and brings his enthusiasm and love for Endurance Racing to his position as GTR24H Race Series Manager. He will be working with teams to promote their brand within GTR24H to a wider global reach. Other duties include liaising with GTR24H commentators and managing the upcoming events coverage, and working alongside Jon Fabricius Turell in the Stewards room once the race weekends begin.
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