GTR24H EEWC Le Mans 2020 Entry List

This year has thrown many challenges to all throughout the world, and it was in this background that the 2020 EEWC (Endurance e-Racing World Championship) Le Mans GTR24 Hour race will be online for the first time in its history. We very much hope and are working towards the return to the event in Denmark next October 2021, that everyone knows and enjoys attending.

This does not mean that the competition will be not be of the highest order, and the entry list gives an overview of the reach that Sim-Racing has and enjoys today. Driver’s and teams from all over the world with only one aim when the Tri-Color drops.

The strength in each class will see South America as well as North America represented. Central Europe and Eastern Europe also, as well as Asia. A true test for all teams to feature on the podium, let alone the very top step. Team managers understand the task before them, and preparations are well under way already.

The field for the EEWC Le Mans this year is as strong as ever, can you try to predict the podiums for each class?

Hyper Car

#7 PINSIM Drillers Esports
#47 Seawolf NetRace Motorsport
#63 Viadukten
#68 eTeam BRIT
#97 Elite SimSport Racing Team


#007 Prosim
#17 PINSIM Drillers Esports
#28 Onemove Esports
#33 DriveGameSeat Racing Team
#37 Team Rookie Monsters
#64 Satellite Racing
#117 Varga Simracing
#199 ID Simsports
#334 Fair Racing Team
#337 Team Rookie Monsters
#717 Idos Racing Team
#888 1ACO


#12 DGTL Racing
#15 Simply Race
#29 Burst eSport
#51 World Of Simracing
#53 Musto GD e-Sports
#65 Satellite Racing
#72 GroundEffect Simracing Team
#74 Deuces Motorsports Club
#78 Per B Cars
#166 ID Simsport
#177 ID Simsport
#333 DMD Simsport
#959 HM Engineering


#13 Danish Racing League
#27 SimRacing Motorsport
#32 B32 Racing
#45 DIS SR Lab
#46 DIS SR Lab
#77 1ACO
#92 DX Droids
#188 IDtele
#404 Glam Racing
#766 DSR Dreamteam
#777 DSR Nightmare
#999 Team Rookie Monsters

    • Official practice session begins at 8pm CEST Thursday 22nd October.
    • Qualifying Session begins at 6pm CEST Friday 23rd October
    • Warm-Up Session starts 10am CEST Saturday 24th October and Race Starts 12am CEST


About The Author

Nick has been Sim Racing since 2006 and brings his enthusiasm and love for Endurance Racing to his position as GTR24H Race Series Manager. He will be working with teams to promote their brand within GTR24H to a wider global reach. Other duties include liaising with GTR24H commentators and managing the upcoming events coverage, and working alongside Jon Fabricius Turell in the Stewards room once the race weekends begin.
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