Formula 1 liveries – What’s hot and what’s not

With Alfa Romeo having recently released the final livery of the current Formula One teams on Sunday, I figured that I could give my very unbiased thoughts on all the liveries for 2022 and rank them in a somewhat coherent fashion.

2022 sees some big changes to the Formula 1 regulations and as a result, has changed the car designs for each team. I personally quite like the look of the new cars, from the futuristic-looking wheel rims to the curvier side pods. As always with new regulation changes in the sport, each team has a slightly different car design, in an attempt to maximise performance for the maiden year of this new era.

I will say from the get-go that I have a very soft spot for a specific colour, which may become evident as you read through this article. Whilst I have tried to be as objective as possible, some subjectivity has surely crept in, so I ask for your forgiveness in advance!

With that said and done, let’s start looking at some Formula 1 cars! We can start off with the worst livery from the team that finished last in the 2021 constructors’ championship

10th – Haas (4/10)

This was always going to be a bad rating for Haas, as they didn’t exactly have the best livery to start off with, becoming worse once they lost their title sponsor. The loss of their sponsor was also the loss of colour from the car, as the livery now is something that any of us could make.

9th – Alpha Tauri (5/10)

This is a harsh rating and I will acknowledge that. However, I am not a big believer in using matt colours on a Formula 1 car or any sports car for that matter. Formula 1 cars should be these beautiful and glorious cars that can bask in the sunlight and make anyone think “Wow, I want to stare at this all day!”  Very similar to how a newlywed couple would look lovingly towards each other. Sadly though, the Alpha Tauri represents the look your spouse would give after a long argument before demoting you to sleeping on the couch.

8th – McLaren (6/10)

This is going to be an unpopular opinion, but I have to be honest. I absolutely hate the streaks of baby blue on the car. It just doesn’t work with the orange like it did last year and that is mainly down to the bad version of blue being used. As a blue colour lover, I can objectively state that this is definitely the bad blue, and this is coming from a former Manchester City fan.

7th – Red Bull (7/10)

Red Bull have kept roughly the same livery over the past decade, with the only noticeable change over those years was in 2016, when they removed the purple tint from Sebastian Vettel’s iconic Red Bull and created the new generation of Red Bull liveries. I definitely preferred the old livery and whilst a lot of people criticise the current livery for “being the same”, I am trying my best to be objective and rate the liveries based on, well, the livery itself. Crazy, I know. The best way to describe my feelings on the Red Bull livery is that I appreciate it, but it does nothing special for me.

6th – Ferrari (7.5/10)

Quick disclaimer – I have never found Ferraris or their liveries particularly ‘special,’ so I apologise in advance that I can’t give the standard Ferrari fanboy review. Now with that said, hopefully, I can survive the upcoming death stares of any Ferrari Tifosi who read this!

So there is a little story with this livery rating, as I had originally placed it seventhth with a rating of 6/10 until I realised the on track picture of the car was very unflattering. I am not a massive fan of this shade of red, as I was a bigger fan of the lighter red Ferrari liveries from around a decade ago. The black wing at the front also doesn’t sit right with me, as sometimes when I look at the images, I think it looks terrible and other times it looks good. I guess time will tell for me and I will just have to wait and see whether I grow to like or dislike it.

5th – Aston Martin (7.5/10)

I found it very hard to decide whether I preferred the Aston Martin or the Ferrari. As is rather evident, I have given both the same rating, but I narrowly prefer the Aston Martin. I do like the traditional green on the Aston, with the luminescent yellow, providing a nice change across the car. I think the red on the Ferrari is better than the green on the Aston Martin, but the yellow lines along the car just hit my sweet spot and adds that little extra variation to an otherwise monochrome car.

4th – Alpine (8/10)

This was really hard for me to judge. When the car first came out, I absolutely hated it for the splashes of pink on the gorgeous blue base layer. My issue isn’t with the BWT pink colour, as I was relatively impartial to it on the old Racing Point Livery. My issue is with how the colours combine. From the side, I have no real issue, but from the front, the pink around the sidepod, particularly on the air intake, just looks *insert sick emoji*. I still place it above Ferrari/Aston Martin, as whilst I dislike some parts of this car, I absolutely love others.

3rd – Mercedes (9/10)

Mercedes have gone back to the original silver arrows colour and I am all for it. The side has some subtle, but lovely, teal & black strips, whilst the red colouring on the air intake actually complements the car well. Somehow, the Mercedes logos on the rear of the car also fit in with the rest of the silver arrows.

2nd – Alfa Romeo (9/10)

I can’t quite believe that I have placed an Alfa Romeo this high, nor can I believe how much I personally like this livery. If I could ask for one change, it would be for the little blob of white at the end of the front wing to be removed. In previous years, Alfa Romeo have tried placing the red above and below the white on the rear end of the car, but this year’s idea of an entire red rear with some white in the central portion of the car to break it up works much better.

1st – Williams (10/10)

The last time I liked a car this much, was probably the 2016 Mercedes, or maybe even all the way back to the 2007/08 McLarens. Speaking of McLaren, they should take notes from this livery on what the ‘good blue’ looks like. I am loving the light blue and red strips on the front wing and the light blue design on the back panels, as it has a really awesome feel to it. Overall the car looks elegant and classy and dare I say, a car that we can look back on in fondness in twenty years’ time.

Images courtesy of Autosport, Sky Sports, Race Fans, Motorsport Week, Daily Express, Formula 1, Motorsport, MAXF1, F1i

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