For whom the wedding bells toll

Finding love is often a difficult process, particularly for the “gamer” type. Whilst the gaming world continues to have more of a wider audience, with esports forever growing, and of course, the pandemic bringing a new audience from racing drivers taking to streaming in the forced time away from the track, the old label of games being “for kids” will still linger in the mindset of many. Sadly, much like real motorsport, gaming is still a male-dominated arena, so finding a soulmate becomes that much more of a challenge.

It’s not impossible though, as earlier this year, Jess Ball announced on Twitter that she is in a relationship with fellow commentator and sim racer Liam New. They had kept their relationship a secret for about a year before the tweet was made, to ensure that their relationship could grow without the prying eyes of the populace, and because they have a long-distance relationship, announcing things too soon would have added more pressure on the budding romance, however, their love has shone through and will continue to grow as time rolls on.

A shared love of your pastime, particularly for gamers, is a rare occurrence. I have been married to my good lady for nearly 18 years, and she does not share my enthusiasm for gaming, so don’t have gaming sessions together or anything like that, much like Ben Rwaggy McConnell, who is getting married next month to his lovely lady Jodie, who also does not share his enthusiasm for gaming and streaming, so I caught up with Ben (certainly not on track, his pace is incredible, no matter in what or where).

How is the work/life balance? Is it difficult to maintain, as Jodie doesn’t share your passion for sim racing?

It’s really pretty easy, to be honest, I spend almost every evening with her and work throughout the day. She doesn’t share the same passion as me with sim racing but she supports me fully in it and regularly she will just sit with me whilst I’m racing and watch or talk to my chat. She loves to go Wakeboarding so quite often I’ll join her doing that too and it’s great. Equally, though we can spend time away from each other and do our own thing without feeling like we’re being selfish

How are the wedding plans going? Is everything in place?

Yeah, everything is sorted, it’s just a case of waiting for time to tick down so we can then get the flowers and the cake started, They’re already lined up but they can’t make the stuff until nearer the time otherwise it goes off/dies etc.

Do you think Jodie will get behind the wheel at any point?

She’s done a little bit of sim racing in my rig and in all honesty, I think she’d be really good at it but she’s just not got enough time to invest in it.


Rwaggy is streaming his stag do this Saturday at 6pm BST, and the brave man is allowing channel points to be redeemed for things. Quite what he has in mind is not yet known, but if he wakes up naked in a post bag in Glasgow, his night was truly one to remember.

May Mr and Mrs Rwaggy get all the happiness they both deserve, we hope that their day, and of course the rest of their lives together, is filled with joy.

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