Floris Wijers returns to sim racing

Sim racing has enjoyed several hugely successful drivers from The Netherlands, and Floris Wijers was one such Dutch driver who put himself in the mix with the very best in the business. Floris was in the F1 pro draft in 2018, and the following year, he was chosen by Haas for their 2019 campaign. Sadly, the results did not reflect the hard work and dedication that Floris put in, his last appearances being in the 2020 F1 Pro Exhibition races, scoring a podium.

Haven taken some time away from the competitive scene, Floris is now ready to build back up towards F1 esports once again.

You’ve been out of the F1 esports scene for a while, what caused you to take a break?

Mental and physical issues were the cause of the break during the challengers series

Will you be looking at the next Challengers series straight away, or will you need time to build back up to that?

That is what I am aiming for yes if my body allows me to, and then hopefully get into F1Esports 2023

Will it be league racing for you on the new game, to start with?

Exactly that. That’s the aim, and work my way up

Which leagues are you looking at?

PSGL for a start, and then maybe WOR or others to consider

Are you still representing Visceral? Is there any pressure to get back up to speed quickly?

I am still with Viscarel racing, but there is no pressure from them for me to get up to speed quickly. I just mainly want to get back up to speed myself


It’s great to see Floris back in the saddle, and once he is back to his best, expect to see him challenging the top of the tree when the next round of F1 Challengers begins.

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