First win ever for GlamRacing

We won! We actually won the GT3 class at the GTR24H 12-hour race at Sebring.

Not in a million years did we think that tonight was going to be the time that we would win the GT3 class, but we guess a “bit” of rain and great team spirit can take you a long way!

We started at P4 after two qualifying sessions with Henrik in the car, the start was a bit hard with so many cars compacted together on a track with lots of tight corners – but he made it out with a clear head.

After Henrik’s first couple of stints Kuba took over the car – he drove the car stabile and for 10 laps we had the lead – and only a minor spin with no damage.

He handed the car over to Jef, who had come back after retirement to help us out in this race, with only 30 secs. up to P1. Jef had a nice run with good speed – nice to see him back on the track – he handed the car back over to Henrik, who was ready to drive his 2nd stint – with the rain slow and the darkness creeping in.

And boy did it rain! Track wetness came up to 99%, so for a lot of the other cars it was Bambi on ice – but the boys did amazing keeping it on the track and in the top positions.

Then it came down to the last couple of hours and instead of putting Kuba back in the car, we decided that Lee was the best choice – even with a shoulder hurting – he was of course brilliant as always – drove some of the fastest lap times in the rain in the GT3 classes and got us up to P1.

And then you would think that after a rather easy race for us, we could maybe just cruise it till the end – but then again we are GlamRacing… so of course not… with about 20 mins to go Lee thought it would be funny to give everyone on the team a heart attack, he crossed the start/finish line with only 0,7 liter of fuel left for a whole lap around Sebring – thankfully Henrik had tried something similar before – and after half-ruining his headphones, he told Lee what to do and Lee made it around the whole track with 0.2 liters to spare.
If you want to see the pit crew reaction to Lee telling us how little fuel he had – see the link below.


So, when we finally saw the checked flag, we were all so happy and pleased that we finally did it, and now we can’t wait to take a small break from sim-racing, since the next race in GTR24H EEWC isn’t until July 23rd at Interlagos with another 12h. race.

We want to finish off by saying thanks to everyone who supports and cheers us on – it means a lot; we couldn’t do it without the support from all of you guys and girls!

We’ll see you all at Interlagos!

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#404 GlamRacing driven by Henrik Hoier, Calum Wilson, Jakub Kowalski,Lee Russell, and Jef Vanniljen

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