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The last couple of weeks we have received a few emails from concerned teams.
The teams are questioning how this years event will be held, and they are afraid that the migration to rFactor 2 will be too difficult for now.

We are very determined about the change to rF2 and we certain that the execution of this years event will be as smooth as ever thanks to the improved network engine rFactor 2 provides.

But this event is not about us. It’s about you, and without you, the participant, there wouldn’t be a GTR24h to race each year. Therefore, we have put together a small FAQ containing some of the common questions and misunderstandings. A lot of the questions reflect the lack of experience that has hit every team. No one has the same level of experience and knowledge in rFactor 2 that has been developed in GTR2 through many year!

the FAQ can be found on our website here:

Please feel free to ask any questions you might have, through our website, or on our facebook page!

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