Fair Racing Team is back

We are back, Fair Racing Team will compete in the world’s most prestigious race. The GTR24hr from Le Mans.

Fair Racing Team, sponsored by Kristal Coatings, is a group of drivers who have put themselves on the map, with the reward being promotion to division 1 of the VEC and launched a second team in division 2.

We participate in the following competitions:



– P1 gaming


Fun is still at the top, but this is slowly overtaken by performance.

Once again, Cliff van de Vin, Paul Holt, Pim van Ark, Chris Gonzales and Tonnie Jansen will do everything they can to make life miserable for their opponents.

To start the stints even fitter, we also added aviator Max Scholten to the team.

With his plane he can keep the whole situation under control, to strike when it is his turn.

The previous special event the 24hr of the Nürburgring Fair Racing Team qualified in 10th place and so we started the race in a good way. Stint after stint we slowly gained positions and found ourselves in a solid 2nd place during the night.

After a small mistake with major consequences, we fell back to 3rd place. We were able to hold this position until the finish. A result which made everyone happy. Especially because we knew that a few faster teams had fallen back due to bad luck.

But everyone knows that this is also part of virtual racing and you have to be there when the points are divided.

Yet, this is the reason we are training really hard because we have to go even faster.

From now on our slogan is: “If we think the setup is good, we have to go one second faster”

We know who our opponents are and they are no amateurs. They are fast drivers, with whom we like to compete.

After a bad result in the first round of VEC, we go for the podium.

Finally: 10 words can say more than 400, but we prefer to talk on the track. We wish all participating teams and the organization a fantastic event and that the best may win.

More about our group can be found here:


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