Ewan talks to Karl and Michael from Danish Sim Racers

Karl Lykkegaard and Micahel Ciccolini both talk to Ewan answering some quick-fire questions

The interviews were both done some weeks ago and we now release them so you know who you are up against.

Karl discusses his performances and objectives in the Sprint series in ACC from the #777 car

They both compete in the EEWC endurance series on rFactor 2. Karl in the #777 DSR Nightmare and Michael in the #766 DSR Dreamteam

They are both in the Corvette GT3 which has recently received a favorable bop by Studio 397 – more on this in another article.

Listen in to see what both drivers are all about

If you want an interview to share your team’s objectives and driver profiles please contact [email protected]

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Ewan O'Leary
Key-commentator on the GTR24H Sprint Series.
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