EEWC Le Mans Qualifying – Shots fired ahead of race day

The current DPi leaders, the #64 Caddilac of Satellite Racing dominated proceedings courtesy of Martin Hemmingsen, who set the top best lap time with a 3:20.750 in the opening night session, before capping that off with a 3:21.330 in Q2.

But it will not be a lockout of the front row for the team, as the #666 Team Rookie Monsters will line up alongside on the overall front row.

DEAC Hackers had the speed at the iconic circuit to secure an additional two points in LMP2, taking pole position with a cumulative average of 3:24.241 over the course of the two sessions.

Both the #15 of Deuces Motorsport Club and #22 of MUGEN Sim Racing would try their level best but would end up third and fourth behind the #16 Deuces LMP2, with the three cars covered by two tenths.

The points leaders in GTE, the #53 Musto GD-eSports BMW M8 would put itself one step closer to another EEWC title by showing a good pace in Munich’s finest.

Satellite Racing’s Pauli Ahonen was closing in the #128 Corvette C7R in the latter stages, but the Finn was unable to get any closer in the final session to make it count.

It’s a pace advantage to MUGEN Sim Racing for the GT3 battle for pole position, despite Unison Racing really not being able to challenge for it, losing two points of their lead.

Tune in for what is set to be the curtain call of the 2021 GTR24H season, as Le Mans will see battles galore over the course of the 24-hour duration, as the Endurance eRacing World Championship starts its final journey for this season at 1500 CEST.

Tune in via Facebook Live, YouTube, over 30 channels on ESTV, Amazon Prime, and Motorvision.TV to watch all the action as it happens.

About The Author

Alex Goldschmidt
Alex heads up the commentary and content side of GTR24H, having originally joined the team for the 2021 EEWC season. He is an experienced karting commentator, who also has reported as a journalist from the world of motorsport in the last decade or so, having joined the eSports ranks in March of 2020.
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Nick Newcombe
October 30, 2021 01:44

Great comm’s in Q session

Simon Marshall
October 30, 2021 10:35

Where did the 555 car qualify?

Peter Munkholm
Reply to  Simon Marshall
November 11, 2021 21:05

I would suggest contacting race control or marshals with these types of questions. It is rare that any webmaster or author is informed about standings or results in the race. That would only be when they have received results from race control and are writing up content about the results.

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