EEWC 12 Hours of Nürburgring Qualifying Results

The 4th Round of the Endurance eRacing World Championship is well underway – this Friday Night we experienced 2 Qualifying Sessions Day and Night at the Famous Nurbürgring GP track  – where both the DPI, LMP2, GTE and GT3 classes were represented. The weather forecast was looking rather dull for the teams – especially because yesterday’s official practice session experienced a lot of rain a pattern that could have continued well into the Qualifying Session. But to everyone’s luck, the rain stayed away in both sessions and gave the perfect condition for a track that would represent excellent grip and some excellent lap times. Today’s session showed great racing in all classes – where most teams were extremely close through the qualifying sessions.

The most dominant team today was the Varga Simracing Team which yet again showed superiority in both Qualifying sessions (Day and Night) by doing a 1:38.1770 lap time followed by a 01:38.2700 – on average the team were 0,5 seconds faster than any of its closet competitors followed by 22 Mugen Simracing, 95 Deac Hackers and 15 Deuces MotorSport. It seems Varga is still very much untouchable in their Oreca LMP2 and the teams is getting even closer in winning the Endurance eRacing World Championship – by 12 hours of Nürburgring is a long race and anything can happen. Would Varga manage to take another win?

The newly introduce DPI Class – Both Satellite Racing cars showed that the right setup and strategy for the team paid off as both cars qualifying best in the class – where the 64 Satellite Racing stole the light by being some 300ms faster than the 65 Satellite Racing – followed by 1 Viadukten – The former Two time World Champions in GT3 and the earlier HyperCar class. We know the fight in the DPI class will be a tough one as the Satellite Racing team consist of some of the best drivers from former Drillers eSport and Satellite Racing combined – which both were strong teams – but the Viadukten team is also something to watch out for. The Viadukten team has throughout the years shown – that it doesn’t always count to be the fastest – but strategy matters. We will be looking forward to seeing how the DPI class will evolve for the next 12 hours of racing.

The 53 Musto GD Esport GTE team seems to be back on track and the team managed to take pole for the race in GTE class followed by 51 WOSR iZone Performance and 54 Musto GD eSport.  The Championship in the GTE class is something to look out for as the top 4 is only divided by some 9 points – The championship leader right now is 51 WOSR Izone Performance with 50 points followed by 53 Musto GD eSport at 46 points. We shouldn’t count out the 45 Dis Simracing Lab either as they have 43 points in the championship. Dis Simracing has already shown us they are both fast and very good at their strategies – The GTE Championship is far from over.

Lastly, the GT3 class also showed some rather surprising results as 41 Mugen Simracing took pole in front of 31 OneMove Esports and 717 Unison Racing – a strong comeback from the team and something which would the championship even more exciting – though a more interesting thing as that 31 OneMove Esport seems to be more and more competitive! – the french teams seem to have gotten better at their pace, strategy and stay out of trouble and it has without a doubt paid off for the team. Even Though Unison Racing leads the season with 69 points followed by 41 Mugen Simracing at 55 points and 31 OneMove Esports at 54 – the championship is far from over. This race might prove to be a race – which could be the factor of who comes out as winner later in the season – only time will tell. The only thing left now – is the next 12 hours of Nurbürgring Grand Prix track…

DPI Qualifying Results:

DPi 64 Satellite Racing 1:39.1758
DPi 65 Satellite Racing 1:39.47985
DPi 1 Team Viadukten 1:39.8305

LMP2 Qualifying Results:

LMP2 117 Varga SimRacing 1:38.2235
LMP2 22 MUGEN Simracing 1:38.8489
LMP2 95 DEAC HACKERS 1:39.2356
LMP2 15 Deuces Motorsports Club 1:39.5326
LMP2 57 Ramada MotorSport 1:40.1423
LMP2 777 DSR Nightmare 1:40.5459
LMP2 766 DSR DreamTeam 1:41.126
LMP2 32 B32 Racing 1:41.65965

GTE Qualifying results:

GTE 53 Musto GD-eSports 1:48.8795
GTE 51 WOSR iZone Performance 1:49.244
GTE 74 Deuces Motorsports Club 1:49.30125
GTE 54 Musto GD-eSports 1:49.4949
GTE 45 DIS SimracingLab 1:49.8176
GTE 31 Onemove eSport 1:49.96585
GTE 66 Volante Racing 1:50.64815
GTE 67 Volante Racing 8:25.4745

GT3 Qualifying results:

GT3 41 Mugen Simracing 1:50.2206
GT3 26 Onemove Esports 1:50.5892
GT3 717 Unison Racing 1:50.9085
GT3 46 DIS Simracing 1:51.70265
GT3 420 B32 Racing 1:55.218
GT3 404 Glamracing 2:47.635

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