DSR Nightmare Eyes Championship Podium At Le Mans

Steven Salsgaard with the DSR Nightmare team, visited the broadcast studio for a post-race interview. Yousuf got the story about how the team had to do a rejoin during the night. Engine trouble got the better of the team and caused them to lose out on a podium finish. DSR Nightmare is now only trailing B32 by two points in the GT3 championship. With double points at Le Mans, this could quickly change and give DSR a chance at the podium. The team is now hunkering down and focusing entirely on the season finale of 24 hours at the famous Le Mans track.

About The Author

Yousuf bin-Suhayl
Key-commentator and interview journalist. Yousuf is a professional eSports commentator with a speciality in League of Legends and Formula 1.
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