Csaba Kiss and Deuces Motorsports Club prepare for another VEC season

The Virtual Endurance Championship is one of the longest running series on rFactor 2, as it is now in its 14th season. It’s very well recognised as well, because the biggest teams flock there every year to try and become champions. One team aiming to do that in more than one category is Deuces Motorsports Club. Deuces have a long history in the VEC, having won their first of three titles 11 years ago, with Eric Schmieder and Dave Jordan. They are also currently tied for second in the EEWC Standings, which furthers their endurance racing credentials.

In Division 1, they have an LMP2 and GTE fighting for glory. Driving their LMP2 car this season, they have EEWC driver Csaba Kiss, partnered by Robert Paun and Roy de Munick. In terms of preparation, Csaba Kiss said: “We started testing pretty early in July” which shows three months of commitment to this cause even before the season has started. It also shows their intent to win, which Kiss unsurprisingly set out as the goal. The Hungarian described that “we need to work on the strategy a bit and the setup as well”

Things are clearly going well, however, as Kiss confidently stated their pace is good and within the Top 5 in the field, but getting further towards the front is always hard. Having a sister LMP2 running in Division 2 is also very helpful for them, as they can relay feedback between one another and share data. The car in question has a number of lesser-known drivers at the helm, presenting the idea that this season will allow those drivers to develop at Deuces Motorsports Club.

It also highlights a wider project going on for this team in recent times, as they have many young drivers on their roster. Talents like Teun Louer and Dylan Klaver are emerging in their teenage years, something which Csaba playfully admitted was “making my life a bit hard.” This statement was, of course, said with a smile but it does represent the fact that Deuces will be a force to be reckoned with if they can hang on to those up and coming drivers.

With regards to their rivals, Kiss said: “Competition is very high this season as well despite (Varga not being on the grid).” He added: The Netrex, Mugen, GOTeam and my former team Black Hawk Racing are looking the strongest.” It promises to be another very competitive season.

They won’t be messing around in GTE either, as they look to claim the title they so narrowly missed out on last season. Driving for them will be Joao Barbosa and Maximilian Kallinich. Barbosa is an EEWC regular too, helping out the LMP2 and GTE squads at points throughout the last 2 years. They will be contenders for the title, as they have won it before back in Season 11.

The Virtual Endurance Championship will kick off on Saturday at midday.

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