EEWC Championship Standings After 12-Hours Of Nürburgring

The Championship standings after 12 hours of Nürburgring GP.

For the first time in the EEWC 2020 season, we finally have a team entering the Hypercar class being presented by team Viadukten no. 63 – which was the only car in its class and therefore it was basically an easy win and the team had only a mission and that was to complete the race – which they did. That’s not going to happen that easy – as the Team eBrit #68 car is now entering the Hypercar class for 24 hours of Matsusaka and we expect Viadukten to get a lot of competition.

In the LMP2 field of cars – Team Rookie Monsters #37 managed to have enough fuel to cross the finish line and win the race – for their first win of the season. But due to LMP2 team OneMove eSport #11 taken pole position in the Qualifying – but not competing in the race (Due to circumstances – we don’t wanna mention!) – both ID SimSport #199 and Rookie Monsters #37 are now tied on points for the EEWC Championship.

In the GTE fields of cars – Musto GD e-Sports once again showed superiority and took both pole position in the qualifying and won the race at Nürburgring GP in front of The British team: Simply Race #15 and the Danish team DGTL Racing #12  – where CamSport #11 did not manage to reach the podium this time around.  The Musto GD-eSports  #53 is now leading the Championship with an impressive 53 points – where Simply Race #15 team is some 16 points behind.

The grass-roots GT-Rookie Class – DIS SR 45 once again took both pole position and won the race over the very experienced Team Rookie Monsters #999 car and Simracing MotorSport #27. DIS SR 45 is now leading the championship with an impressive 53 points followed by Team Rookie Monsters #999 at 35 points.

For the third position in the GT Rookie Class – both Simracing MotorSport #27 and DSR Nightmare #777 are tied on points – so we expect both teams to fight for a place at the podium at 24 hours of Matsusaka – This one is definitely one to watch – We expect both teams will put all their knowledge of strategy and race pace to the test.

There is still room for more cars in the championship season – you might not be able to win the classes – but you still take points from other teams and measure your team’s strength for the much larger 2021 season. If your team buys into the remainder of the 2020 season – u will be getting the entire 2021 season for free.

You can buy team tickets for the season here:

For a more in depth overview of points and pole wins – please see the Google Sheet below:

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