NetRange chooses GTR24H

Traditional flow TV is dead, and discovery rates for long-form content on social media get progressively more challenging. The attention span for internet-based lean-forward media is constantly shrinking. Along with […]

NEWVU Opening in Stevenage

A new social gaming centre has opened in Stevenage town centre in the UK called NEWVU, which aims to provide a one-size-fits-all location for a wide variety of different gaming […]


The importance of a positive image, both as a team and as a member of that team, cannot be understated, both from a personal and commercial perspective. The same is […]

GTR24H Partner Asetek SimSport Presents New Quick Release Concept

GTR24H and EEWC partner Asetek SimSport is presenting a new product. Not every rapid release is created equal. There is a big difference between what you want in real racing […]

Change of the guard?

Formula 1 esports will enter its fifth full season this year, and there are indications that there could potentially be some new challengers to the throne, currently occupied by Dutchman […]

FEL fell over

Sim racing leagues live and die by their reputation, which takes a long to build and can be destroyed very quickly by rash decisions of a few individuals. New to […]

For whom the wedding bells toll

Finding love is often a difficult process, particularly for the “gamer” type. Whilst the gaming world continues to have more of a wider audience, with esports forever growing, and of […]

Future signings

Last month, we reported on an unfortunate incident regarding the Hungarian organisation FuturEsports (FES) with regards to signing James Doherty into their ranks, which caused quite a bit of upset […]

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